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Thursday, July 28, 2011

#16 - Portable Hydrogen and Oxygen Analysis – Part 2

The Nova Model 340WP Portable Oxygen & Hydrogen Analyzer is very useful for measuring atmospheres in ferrous heat treating applications.

Ferrous Annealing

Annealing for many kinds of steel has to be done under an atmosphere of about 10% hydrogen or better. This is in order to maintain the brightness and eliminate scaling. Exothermic generators are generally used for this atmosphere.

Transformer Steel

Figure 1 shows the use of the 340WP analyzer in an installation where transformer steel is being annealed. In most cases, after the laminations have been stamped out they must be annealed to obtain the proper soft magnetic characteristics. In this case, the parts are run through a continuous furnace and brought up to the proper annealing temperature. The atmosphere is introduced from an external generator. The drawing illustrates that the analyzer can be used to set the exothermic generator, to check for leaks in the system, and also for checking the proper atmosphere in the various zones of the furnace.

Figure 1

Annealing of Roll Steel

The coils of roll steel need to be annealed, which is usually done in a batch operation. In this case, the 340WP analyzer is invaluable in determining when the atmosphere has been replaced before the heat is applied to the annealing operation. The analyzer can be placed at the exhaust of the annealing chamber, and this way, by the lack of oxygen and the increase of the hydrogen it can be determined when it is safe to start applying the heat and begin the annealing operations.

The Nova Model 340 Portable Hydrogen and Oxygen Analyzer is available with the following choice of ranges:

0-25.0% O2, 0-40.0% H2
0-2.0% and 0-25.0% O2, 0-40.0% H2
0-100 to 0-9,999 PPM O2, 0-40% H2

Which range is best for you depends on the application. Before purchasing a hydrogen analyser, we require that you tell us what other gases are in your sample. This will determine equipment suitability and design.

Model 340 brochure...

We make gas analyzers for oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and many other atmospheric gases. We provide gas analysers for syngas, landfill gas, purity gas, biogas, and others.

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