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Thursday, July 14, 2011

#14 - Our favorite projects over the coming months?

That’s a tough one. Favorite projects are not always the most necessary projects.

Projects around here are basically divided into two categories – projects that we really should be doing, and projects that we like to do. Sometimes a project falls into both categories. Deriving fun out of a project that also happens to have high priority is a bonus. But often, a project simply needs to be done regardless of its fun factor. In fact, if a project needs doing, it may be because there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Enough preamble. Three current Nova projects that are ‘on the burner’ are :

1. Improving delivery times - this is something most manufacturing companies wrestle with. We are no exception. It’s easy to go crazy-fast on one order while the rest of the orders suffer. It takes concerted effort at many points in the manufacturing process to sustainably reduce delivery times ‘across the board’. But yeah, we’re working on it.

2. Syngas / Gasification / Pyrolysis applications - we get lots of inquiries about analysis of various forms of synthesis gas. There are lots of applications out there where a carbon-rich feedstock is basically being cooked and turned into gas, or gasified. Plasma arc gasification is one of the methods used by some of our customers. The gas produced is energetic and can be used as a power source. To understand what the process is producing, the user frequently wants to know how much carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, and sometimes oxygen is in the produced gas. Gasification and syngas has been around for many decades. But interest is returning to this application, along with the many ways and feedstocks used to produce syngas. With new applications, there is sometimes uncertainty. So Nova has developed a very tough and versatile analyzer system. The 970 Series can do continuous and simultaneous analysis of CO, CO2, CH4, H2, and O2. We can do all of these gases up to 0-100%. and the H2 reading is fully compensated for the interfering effects of the other measured gases. Cool stuff.

Check it out at:

3. Social marketing – that’s sort of what this blog is about. We have an amateur presence on LinkedIn, Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and probably some others that I’m forgetting about. I hear that some of these venues are cooler than others. We will worry about coolness later. Despite being analytical types here at Nova, we are not 100% sure what do to with the whole social network phenomenon. But it looks like a wave. So we will ride it. You might even see us on YouTube sometime this year. Hopefully not under titles such as ‘analyzer fail’.

That’s all for now.
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