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Friday, January 9, 2015

#202 - GE 7216 V2.2 H2 Analyzer available at Nova

Over the years, we have had many requests for an analyzer system called GE 7216 V2.1 or V2.2. We used to manufacture this product for GE. It was specifically for use as a stator leak detector on large electric generators. In time, some of the components and technologies used in this analyzer were discontinued and subsequently updated.

We have also noticed that the functionality of some of these systems has been impaired by moisture ingress over the years. On most sites, the moisture removal systems prior to the H2 detector have been designed and installed by the original generator provider. If these fail, moisture can enter the H2 detector and ruin it.

Even though the GE 7216 V2 is no longer available to electric power providers, we do have a couple of options to allow you to proceed with a solution.

Replacement detector assembly – If all of the other components on the system are functioning properly, and an updated detector is all that is needed, we may be able to provide a heated box assembly with the updated detector inside. This option is not available in every case, but may be worth inquiring about.

Replacement gas analyzer – The GE 7216 V2 product was in production quite a number of years ago. Many of the installations are getting old or have been contaminated with water, and require replacement instead of repair. The Models 430VN4 and 430QN4 Continuous Hydrogen Monitor are available for this purpose.

The various components are now protected inside a common NEMA 4 wall-mount cabinet. The H2 reading is displayed locally on the analyzer cabinet, and is also sent to an analog 4-20mA output. As an option, we can make this an isolated or non-isolated output. We can also provide a hydrogen alarm with indicator light and relay contact.

The slight difference in model numbers designates the design of moisture removal system. Some installations have a supply in instrument air already connected to the old 7216 module. The new 430VN4 can also utilize this air supply. If there is no instrument air available, the model 430QN4 can be used instead.

If you have a 7216 and are experiencing age- or moisture-related problems, we can undoubtedly assist you. Contact us by e-mail. Be sure to state your 4-digit serial number and full model number.

websales at nova-gas dot com


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