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Monday, December 29, 2014

#201 - Top 10 Nova Blog Posts from 2014

Probably everyone does a year-end post about what content was most popular on their blog. The areas of interest sometimes indicate an explainable trend, and sometimes they don’t. Nova is a technical company that manufactures analytical instruments. So our audience tends to be of the engineering and analytical types.

Our top 10 posts from 2014 are the following:

1. Post #167 - Using the Energiron Process with SynGas for DRI Production
2. Post #169 - Most Common Connections to Nova Analyzers (electrical & tubing)
3. Post #175 - Tenova Factories
4. Post #171 - New TGI White paper - Real-Time Water Detection in EAF Steelmaking
5. Post #173 - Nova tech climbs Mount Kilimanjaro
6. Post #168 - Nova Analyzers from the Field – Episode 4
7. Post #172 - Ash Classification Technology for Coal-fired Power Plants
8. Post #174 - Nova Analyzers from the Field – Episode 5
9. Post #178 - Nova Analyzers from the Field – Episode 6
10. Post #182 - Oil & Gas Spills Increase in 2013

For the most part, these posts from 2014 have simply accumulated higher popularity because they are from the first half of the year and are obviously older than any recent posts.

In terms of persistent interest, our ‘Analyzers from the Field’ posts seem to do well. People are always interested in reading about something ‘real world’. Frequently, these instruments have been in service for a number of years and have some kind of back-story that may be instructive.

Regarding Post #173 mentioned above, in May of 2014, one of our tech staff ventured to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Lots of readers from inside and outside the Tenova Group were interested to hear the story and see the pictures. We still have tons of pics besides what we posted. We'll share a few more soon. 

Our all-time #1 post continues to be Post #70 - "Post #5 is our most popular blog post (Syngas and Gasification)". This one started out as a commentary on another popular post and then itself became most widely read. It indicates the continued interest in measuring the gas compositions produced by gasifiers.

Looking forward to 2015!

For information on these and other gas analyzer systems, give Mike or Dave at Nova a call, or send us an e-mail.

If you have any Nova instruments at your plant or lab and want to share a couple of photos, feel free to send them to us along with a brief explanation of your application.

sales at nova-gas dot com
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