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Friday, November 4, 2011

#36 - Nova Sample Conditioning System in the News at ThomasNet

Press release at ThomasNet regarding our Heated Filter and Probe System for combustion-related applications.


Analytical Company Offers Sample Conditioning Option with Syngas & Gasification Analyzers

Date: November 2011

Nova Analytical Inc, a 30 year veteran in gas analysis, introduces the Nova Model 7240 Probe & Heated Filter System.

The Model 7240 is intended for extraction and filtration of gases sampled from industrial applications such as syngas, gasification, and stack gas analysis.

Frequently, industrial sample gases contain soot or particulate that is inherent to the process or is derived from combustion. This particulate must be extracted from the sample gas as close to the extraction to point as possible avoid sample line occlusions and low flow conditions. The Model 7240 is designed for this purpose.

The Model 7240 is comprised of a high-temperature probe, heated filter, and stainless steel internal tubing. The unit mounts directly on the sample extraction point and filters the gas sample at process temperature. The gas sample is then directed to the gas analyzer which may be located some distance away from the sample point.

To cope with particulate accumulation in the probe, the Model 7240 Probe & Heated Filter has a blow-back feature which blasts a jet of air or N2 back through the filter and into the throat of the probe. This brief blast blows the accumulated particulate out of the sample system and back into the process.

The Nova Model 7240 Probe & Heated Filter System is frequently specified with industrial analyzer systems such as:

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