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Monday, October 24, 2011

#32 - Canadian Internet Access and

The folks at describe themselves as a non-profit organization working to advance open communication systems in Canada.

It seems that there is a push in Canada by big telecom companies to charge Canadians for their access to the Internet.

Of course, most Canadians, like everyone else, probably already do pay an Internet Service Provider for access. However, this new initiative seeks to charge Canadians for every byte of Internet data that they use, similar to some smart phone plans.

That does sort of sound like a scheme that Bell Canada or Rodgers would try to propose. In its lunacy, it is vaguely reminiscent of an old Monty Python sketch about ‘taxing thingy’. logo copyright ©

Monty Python illustration from Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Just the Words Volumes One & Two
Copyright © 1989 by Python Productions Ltd.
Illustrations copyright © 1989 by Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd.

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