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Monday, October 17, 2011

#30 - Re-blog from Wired Regarding Long-Term Data Sets & Moog App

I don’t normally spend a lot of time reading Wired. I find their website a bit clunky and their typical reader’s comments even more so.

However, this article by Brandon Keim on long-term data sets is interesting.

Some of the most meaningful data trends on this earth are outside the scope of normal human temporal perception. These data sets allow us to peer into our environmental impact on this earth over large time scales.

Also from Wired today – Moog have come out with a cool iPad app. It’s basically a software synth.

The folks at the Moog Foundation are always at Nearfest. Sam from Relayer Solutions and I were at NF the year after an archive of Bob Moog’s data, recordings, and artifacts was discovered. It was fascinating to hear an old recording of Bob explaining his latest progress on a synth module that would one day change the sound of popular music. You can now do the same using your iPad app.

For some reason, Moog reminds me a little of Nova. There are four letters in our name. We make strange electronic devices that have inputs & outputs like the Moog instruments. However, we are not likely to ever create an instrument with as cool a name as 'Voyager' or 'Prodigy'.

sales at nova-gas dot com
websales at nova-gas dot com

If you have a LinkedIn account, search for us under Companies and follow us if you want.

Picture of ice core close-up from Wired article. Source: American Museum of Natural History

Moog Foundation website

Moog picture and logo copyright © 2011 The Bob Moog Foundation

Old pictures of cool Moog equipment -

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