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Sunday, February 26, 2012

#51 - What is EFSOP?

Our long-time partnership with and our recent acquisition by Tenova Goodfellow Inc. has helped us learn a little about specialized steel-making processes such as operation of electric arc furnaces (EAFs).

Electric arc furnaces recycle steel scrap by melting and converting it into high quality steel by using high-power electric arcs. The steel may be processed in batches called 'heats', or continuously using specialized production systems. EFSOP® stands for Expert Furnace System Optimization Process and is a real-time off-gas based process control system for EAFs.

By measuring and analyzing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen (CO, CO2, O2, & H2) continuously, EFSOP® uses real-time off-gas chemistry to optimize the chemical energy and post-combustion processes within the furnace. In addition, off-gas chemistry information is combined with other process variables to optimize electrical energy usage, carbon & lime usage, slag formation, and system heat load.


Goodfellow EFSOP® has provided steelmakers with the most reliable real-time off-gas based process control system for EAF. Through continuous upgrading and state of the art technology, EFSOP® is now the process control tool of choice for over 60 cost conscious, high productivity melt shops around the world. Low maintenance, fast payback and over 2 million heats analyzed has resulted in significant reductions in overall EAF conversion costs, including lower consumption of electrical power and other additives.

When combined with other process sensors and information, EFSOP® technology has proven to be an effective tool for identifying statistically abnormal off-gas composition including water, thereby increasing melt shop safety.


1. A patented water-cooled probe continuously samples the off-gas exhaust, sending chemistry to the Analyzer.

2. A high-performance gas analyzer system measures levels of O2, CO, CO2 and H2 and sends the data to the operator screens and to the EFSOP® computer in the furnaces control pulpit.

3. The off-gas analysis is displayed in real-time in the control pulpit. The EFSOP® computer (closed loop control) and/or operator sends process adjustments to the plant PLC network, with control adjustments for burners and lances.

4. The plant PLC network communicates with the EFSOP® Analyzer and computer to receive new set-points for dynamic furnace control.




  • Steel yield increased
  • Productivity increased
  • Overall cost savings increased
  • Electrical energy reduced
  • Oxygen consumption reduced
  • Natural gas consumption reduced
  • Charge carbon consumption reduced
  • Power on time reduced
  • Electrode consumption reduced
  • Refractory wear reduced

If you are a steel maker interested in higher productivity and lower costs, contact Tenova Goodfellow for more information about the award-winning EFSOP® system.

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