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Friday, February 3, 2012

#49 - We want to come to work with you (and learn how we can help)!

Don’t worry, a crack team of Nova operatives won’t be showing up unannounced at your facility anytime soon.

We respect that our customers know the chemistry or internal dynamics of their process probably better than we do. They aren’t coming to us for an education about their own process. In fact, it’s usually the other way round. The more we talk to our customers, the more we learn.

So while it would be a pretty rare thing for us to tell them something they didn’t already know, once in while we do have a flash of brilliance. We are an analytical company after all. We know about gas atmosphere analysis.

We make gas analyzers for atmospheric gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. We can assume that our customer needs a gas analyzer because there are aspects of their process that they want to monitor with more precision. They are well aware that there is hydrogen and carbon dioxide or some other gas in their process. They just want a gas analyzer to know exactly how much, and to use that data as a process control.

So how do we propose to come to work with you and learn how to better help you? There are a couple of ways worth mentioning.
  1. At the front end of the customer relationship, Mike & Dave at Nova are very interested in learning about your process. We may ply you with annoying questions about chemistry, pressure, temperature, and other fun stuff. We even have a special application form that some of our customers use to organize the relevant information. The data gleaned at this point will enable us to get you pointed in the right direction in terms of specifying gas analysis equipment. This whole process is the first step in Nova ‘coming to work with you’. 
  2. During the quoting or design processes, we may have additional configuration issues to discuss with you. Perhaps there is an environmental condition that will affect the cabinetry or temperature management. Perhaps there are other gases in the sample which will interfere with accurate gas analysis. Excessive moisture or particulate in the sample may require sample conditioning components. Nova is still working with you to help you.
  3. Sometimes after the analyzer is installed into the application, an issue of some kind arises. Give us a call. We are as interested in getting to the bottom of the problem as you are. Nova is still on the job. 
  4. In challenging applications, such as with landfill gas or biogas analyzers, some customers have even decided to hire one of our engineers for a day or two to visit the site after the analyzer is installed. We can do an inspection, calibration, commissioning, and train your staff. Getting your analyzer off to a good start always produces the best results. Our intention is to have the gas analyzer doing its job reliably for as long as possible. 
We’re Nova. We make gas analyzers for oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, and other gases.
Give Mike or Dave at Nova a call, or send us an e-mail.
sales at nova-gas dot com
websales at nova-gas dot com

If you have a LinkedIn account, search for Nova Analytical Systems under Companies and follow us if you want.

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