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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#19 - “We want to talk. How should we contact you? And where?”

Well, that depends on who is asking the question.

1. If you are a customer (past or future) asking us a question about a new gas analyzer, that’s easy.

Give Mike or Dave at Nova a call, or send us an e-mail.
sales at nova-gas dot com
websales at nova-gas dot com

To save time, have the following information handy:
  1. Do you require an intermittent-use portable instrument, or a continuous-use permanent instrument?
  2. Briefly describe the process you intend use this equipment for.
  3. Which gases do you wish to analyze & what are the ranges required?
  4. What is the composition of the sample stream - what other gases are in the sample, and what are their concentrations?
  5. What is the pressure and temperature of your sample stream?
  6. What is the estimated moisture content of your sample?
  7. If this is a combustion application, what fuel is being burned?
With that information, we can usually offer advice on suitable configurations of equipment for your application.

2. If you are a salesperson asking us a question, that could be a challenge.

We get a lot of sales visits, calls, messages, and mail. Many of the products offered have little relevance to what we do at Nova and some sales proposals have questionable value at all. Our product specialists here source a wide array of components as the needs arise. As with many modern buyers, they use the internet as their primary information source.

Our best suggestion for selling to Nova is to have a comprehensive and intelligent website. This is the best ‘foot-in-the-door’ to a Nova buyer.

3. If we are asking you a question, that can also be a challenge.

Having some kind of connection to our customers and our market is a good thing. We value opportunities to talk with our customers about future analysis applications and the performance of their existing equipment. Customer feedback combined with our own research allows us to produce analyzer designs that are useful to the market.

The problem is - our customers are scattered literally around the globe. We have equipment installed in many countries and regions outside of North America. Gathering information from these far-flung places can be a challenge. (I would be willing to visit our customers in the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, and other desirable locations. Approval from management for these holidays |ahem| I mean research trips, has yet to materialize.)

Another problem is – our customers are busy people. They have processes to monitor and chemical reactions to measure. Having a chit-chat with us is not normally a priority, unless of course there is a problem with the equipment. However, we do encourage our customers to provide meaningful feedback on equipment design.

We are NOVA Analytical Systems. We make gas analyzers for hydrogen, oxygen, methane, and many other gases. Give us a call at the number shown above. We would love to talk.

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