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Monday, June 27, 2011

#12 - Spare Parts for Gas Analyzers

We get a number of inquiries about spare parts for Nova analyzers. This is understandable. Continuous reliable process data is often one of the most valuable assets in a facility. Taking steps to ensure that the data stream is uninterrupted makes a lot of sense. We also like to see that our customers are protecting and maintaining another important asset – the analyzer itself.

The most commonly-sold analyser spare parts are filters. That’s a good thing because clogged or fouled filters will decrease sample flow rate and increase analytical error. If the filter eventually degrades enough, break-through can occur which may result in damage to critical components in the analyzer.

The most common filters in Nova continuous gas analyzers include the pre-filters, particulate filters, condensate filters, finishing filters, oil filters, liquid blocks, etc. Many customers prefer to have a few spares on hand instead of waiting for a failure. Most filter elements cost between $20-40USD. The low cost certainly makes being prepared an easy choice.

To determine which filters your analyzer requires, check the parts page in your operator manual.

Our Parts Department can be contacted at:
spareparts at nova-gas dot com

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