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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#2 - NOVA in the ThomasNet News: Hydrogen Purity

Analytical Company Re-Launches Hydrogen Purity Analyzers for Power Industry

NOVA Analytical Systems Inc.

Press Release Date: September 28, 2010

Nova Analytical Inc., a 30 year veteran in gas analysis, has updated its image and product line. As a part of this re-branding initiative, Nova is recommitting its extensive experience to the area of hydrogen gas analysis especially as applied to the power generation industry. The Nova Models 380 & 436 Series Hydrogen Analyzers have been designed and updated with this objective in mind.

These analyzers perform three functions applicable to power generators and synchronous converters that use hydrogen gas for cooling:

Range 1: 0-100% Hydrogen in Air - for hydrogen purity in power generators to ensure safety and reduce windage loss.

Range 2: 0-100% Hydrogen in CO2 - for monitoring hydrogen purge procedure during generator shutdowns.

Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2 - for monitoring breathable atmosphere inside generator during shutdown work.

All ranges and gases are efficiently detected on a single temperature-compensated thermal conductivity cell in the analyzer. A front panel switch selects the desired range.

In operation, a built-in sample pump draws the sample gas through the incoming line to a series of valves, filters and meters. The sample is then pushed into the thermal conductivity detector for gas analysis. The results are displayed on an easy-to-see digital readout.

The portable Model 380 is powered by a rechargeable ‘gel cell’ battery. The complete instrument including battery is solidly packaged into an updated choice of rugged dust-tight and water resistant cases.

The continuous Model 436 is permanently-mounted and is available in explosion-proof cabinets.

Contact Nova Analytical Systems Inc. for more information on this and other gas analysis equipment.

websales at nova-gas dot com
sales at nova-gas dot com

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