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Friday, August 6, 2010

#1 - Intro to Nova blog

We are Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

We make gas analyzers as shown in the picture above.

By ‘gas’, we mean atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, and others.

Lots of industries are concerned about gas measurement. Gas analysis can tell them about the efficiency, safety, purity, environmental impact, etc. of their activities.

For example:
  • Emissions monitoring from combustion processes involves measuring gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and others. 
  • Alternate energy industries such as landfill-to-energy projects, biogas projects, and syngas projects are often interested in methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen and others. 
  • Heat treat shops bake steel parts in large furnaces containing specific gas atmospheres. Gas analyzers help maintain optimum furnace atmospheres. 
  • Manufacturing processes may require a blanket of a certain blend of gases to be present during a process. Gas analyzers ensure the stability of these gas blends. 
  • Engine emissions and flue gas data is of environmental interest, but it is also useful in measuring performance and determining if the engine or boiler is properly tuned. 
  • Personnel safety is obviously very important. Breathable air that is free of poisonous gases and with sufficient oxygen is necessary for human life. 
Nova can help with all of these applications.

We make equipment in all kinds of combinations and configurations including - portable gas analyzer, continuous gas analyzer, gas monitor, flue gas analyzer, emissions analyzer, landfill gas analyzer, oxygen analyzer, methane analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, carbon monoxide analyzer, hydrogen analyzer, biogas analyzer, syngas analyzer, heat treat gas analyzer, ambient air monitor, H2 purity analyzer.

websales at nova-gas dot com
sales at nova-gas dot com

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