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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#195 - Mad Science follow-up

A few weeks ago, we had a post about some experimentation that we were doing with steel furnace rolling oil. The effort was focused on bringing a viable sample to a detector and obtaining a suitable response. That initial testing has recently translated into some real equipment.

Mini-furnace used for testing.

Two of the instruments built for this project.

Now that the instruments are built, we have been able to resume testing to verify the initial conclusions. Detector response is good as long as the sample temperature is maintained on the way to the analyzer port. This will require that the sample line be insulated and possibly even heated.

Internal layout. The detectors are
in the white heated box.

Sample input port. Most access ports on
Nova analyzers are located on the right
side of the cabinet.

The customer is commissioning the furnaces during this month and next. Altogether, 3 analyzer systems were built. The units provide a 3 channel analysis including LEL, O2, & DewPoint.

The whole challenge on this application was preserving the sample constituent intact to the detector. Our next project for research will probably be for a blast furnace gas analysis application. That application will no doubt focus on removing unwanted debris from the sample.

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