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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#46 - NOVA in the News – Portable Landfill Gas Analyzer

January 3, 2012 - Original Press release

Analytical Company Offers Portable Landfill Gas & Biogas Analyzers

Nova Analytical Inc, a 30 year veteran in gas analysis, has updated its image and product line. As a part of this re-branding initiative, Nova is recommitting its extensive experience to the area of recovery-gas analysis. The Nova 900P Series Portable Landfill & Biogas Gas Analyzers have been designed with this objective in mind.

The Nova 900P Series includes analysis of oxygen, methane, and carbon dioxide in recovered gases at landfill and biogas sites. These analyzers have a built-in water separator to help prevent moisture contamination of the detectors.

In operation, a built-in sample pump draws the recovered landfill gas through a couple of filters and meters to the water separator. The sample is then pulled into the sensors and detectors for gas analysis. The results are displayed on an easy-to-see digital readout.

The complete instrument is solidly packaged into a weather-proof enclosure. The clear cover allows you to see the readings without having to open the analyzer.

Contact Nova Analytical Systems Inc. for more information on this and other gas analysis equipment.

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