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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#45 - Portable Hydrogen Purity Analysis for Power Generators

Most power generating plants use hydrogen gas to cool the electrical windings within the turbine generator. This improves operating efficiencies by lowering the losses due to the resistance of the windings. This is commonly known as windage losses.

In order to control these losses and keep efficiencies high, the hydrogen purity must be maintained. Even a slight contamination of the hydrogen by oil vapor, water or air will increase the windage losses in the generator. For example, a 1% reduction in hydrogen purity creates a 12% increase in windage loss. A decrease in purity from 99% to 92% can reduce generator output by as much as 2100 kW. Obviously, this reduction in generator efficiency results in higher fuel costs and power replacement requirements.

The other factor to consider of course is safety. Hydrogen in Air mixtures of less than 74% are explosive, so the Nova 380K helps ensure that the impurity level never drops to this point.

The Nova Model 380K Tri-gas analyzer is designed specifically for monitoring hydrogen purity in the hydrogen feed to a power generator and to monitor the purging procedure during generator shut down.

The analyzer can measure the following gases by switch selection:
  • Range 1: 0-100% Hydrogen in Air
  • Range 2: 0-100% Hydrogen in CO2
  • Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2
The Model 380K contains an oil vapor absorbing filter, thermal conductivity cell, digital readout, range switch, gas pressure regulator, built in sample pump and flow indicator.

Model 380 in our on-line catalog...

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