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Friday, November 1, 2013

#149 - BombGirls Update

Setting up for the BombGirls shoot tonight. Lots of crew and equipment arriving.

Some old vehicles parked at the back of the lot at the moment. Will probably be pulled up onto the set later this afternoon for the outdoor night scenes.

Camera cranes parked in the courtyard. The actual filming outside will be in an alley space between the mills. I wouldn't be surprised if they also use the old loading docks in the shots.

Stacks of crate props unloaded but not set up yet.

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  1. Monday - filming is done, trucks and crew are gone. The only remaining props left on the outdoor set are the crates, still stacked in the same spot as shown in the pic above. I missed the filming Friday / Saturday. Went to see the Spoons and Images in Vogue who were playing at the Molson Studio Hamilton Place.

    Great Show, but no Bomb Girls there! - Dave